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 Guild House.

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PostSubject: Guild House.   Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:34 pm

As you all might know by now, the majority of the players in Aeon have voted for a Guild House.
And after discussing the matter with Stew, we've finally agreed on putting this on trial for a few weeks so you can get a little taste of what that means.
Brace yourselves guildies, this is going to be a longer post, so spare a few minutes, or seconds - depending on how quick of a reader you are.
In all honesty, maintaining a GH isn't easy, especially if you expect it to maintain itself and the whole ride to be splashed in pink, fluffy clouds. It's not - it's tough.

The weekly fee for keeping a GH alive is 2000 Etin Coins. One of the final rewards for completing the Earth Alchemy Powder-quest is an item that trades for 1k Etins, meaning 3125 eaps (Earth Alchemy Powders) - which means half of it is settled. Sweet.
But... that's only half, and with only half of the sum needed, you lose your GH, since you can't afford to keep it open. All in all, you need 6250 eaps a week (2k Etins) to maintain a GH, and that itself is the maintenance fee only, no NPC-upgrade fees included.

Seeing it as we're 200+ people in Aeon now, that would basically mean each of us would have to farm a total of 32 eaps a day. Not that hard, really - in fact, seems very easy.
But, dear reader - both you and I know that's not how things roll. We know very well that some players value their time online and would rather spend their time griding or being with their friends rather than to grind for eaps to keep a GH open.
I don't blame those players, it's your time - and of course, you choose what to do with it.
I can already see some of you objecting and thinking "No way, 32's nothing, we can to this - no sweat!"
Sure, no sweat indeed. If the whole guild's into it and decide to put one hand in for the team, we can pull it off in no time. But - it won't go that way.
Don't mean to pee on anyone's parade, but we need to see clear, hard facts here.

The first week might be a piece of cake - but please keep in mind that this is a soap and rinse procedure, meaning it will happen every week for as long as we wish to have a GH.
Of course, there's always the option of purchasing Etins from the NPC by the Old Willow - but it's expensive, and costs two million every week - again, not too much if the entire guild decides to contribute.
And since I'll decide to be really cruel to you guys, single individuals offering to cough up two million each week isn't an option. Owning a GH is for the whole guid, meaning a team effort.

It's fun to have a GH, comes with a whole set of advantages. You get a Blacksmith where lapis upgrade chances increase with the higher blacksmith level, but requires more maintenance cost.
You also get a Gatekeeper, Liquid Merchant, Warehouse, among other things - which of course add more to the weekly fee.
Which means 2k Etins + the NPC's we choose to upgrade. Some upgrades don't cost a coin, while others are bound to be cancelled sooner or later due to a lack of Etins and player-interest.
Again, keep in mind that I'm not trying to be labelled as the Boogeyman here and spoil all the fun.
Doing this for your own good, so you'll know what it takes when it comes down to it.

Owning a GH is not only fun, but also hard like I mentioned earlier. Not to mention stressful and painful when you have to give some of the very loved NPC's up one by one for not being able to afford them.
It takes a lot of hard work, it tires you out after a few months. And after a while, it's no longer about fun, but about hard work only.
Some might get cranky and say that it's not their duty to farm - they don't care if we have a GH or not.
Others might get worn out and even quit the guild because they'll feel like this isn't what they signed up for. The third part might even hate the Guild Leader and Officers with all they have because they made them waste too much precious time they rather could have used on grinding and leveling up.
See where I'm going with this post?

I need you guys, not only to view one side of the coin - but to actually flip it and accept the other side for what it is as well. Realise what it takes to maintain this GH.
I don't want you all to get worn out and start hating the game for turning into an ugly, gray place that you only associate with stress and a headache every time you think about it.
If I didn't give a jiff about any of you, I'd screw putting this post up and only sit back and crack the whip for you to collect eaps with threats of having you kicked if you don't. But that's not who I am, and neither is Stew - or any of the other officers in this guild.

We can make this whole thing fun, but only if the entire guild decides to pitch in.
Of course, we'll do this little trial for you guys, and let you have a little sneakpeak and let you decide for yourselves. But take this post into consideration.
Remember that the game is supposed to be a fun place where you go to chill out and have fun.

Won't tire you out any further - props to those of you who've made it through the entire post.
Think about this and let it sink it, and also feel free to feed me with your opinions and feedback - constructive criticism is welcome too.
With all of this being said, I'm out and off to bed.

Happy playing Twisted Evil
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Guild leader

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PostSubject: Re: Guild House.   Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:35 pm

Amen! bounce



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PostSubject: Re: Guild House.   Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:56 pm

I agree that keeping it up would be a great responsibility, a huge one at that. I do have a question however, you say that it would take 2 million a week to give up, and that it takes a guild effort. So what if instead of farming eap's forever and ever till either your computer breaks or you go insane, why not just have everyone pitch in a little bit of gold here and there. I know that a good grind session can get me atleast a million after I sell a bunch of stuff to NPC's. So is that an option if we all pitch in to pay for it? I do see though, that with my idea, that some people could resist paying their dues, and some may see it as having to pay to be in the guild...which is not what I'm going for, but as to help out. Just what I have to say on it....I have given my two cents, which could not be worth much, but atleast I can try to fix it if it doesn't go well, instead of complain because I didn't try to contribute xD (hate those people xD and yes I'm bored, which is why I'm ramblin on haha xD)

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PostSubject: Re: Guild House.   Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:17 am

wouldnt the esiest to do, to farm Lapises? o.O (lvl3 and up)
it would get you the money and it will only need 1-3 ppl to get enough to get 2 mill for the Etins Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Guild House.   

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Guild House.
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