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 Remacan aka Nacamer aka Phileo aka pooof aka Ras

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PostSubject: Remacan aka Nacamer aka Phileo aka pooof aka Ras   Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:06 am

So.. where should i start. Well i was born and lets skip few years.
I'm 16 years old now and live in Estonia, moving to Manchester soon.
IRL people call me Ras cuz my real name is just retarded.
Not going to talk about how i earn my cash so lets skip that too.
I skate, i play Djembe with my friends, and i read a lot and i mean a lot of books.
My musical taste is umm well roots reggae a little dub now and then and some underground hip-hop.
I don't go to school, i decided it would be better to study at home. And i live alone.
Anyways i started playing Shaiya last summer on those rainy days, i hated mmorpgs until
i found this one. Started in Lailah under name Remacan, my HM was Nacamer
And left lailah once i got to lvl 17 in UM. Moved to Etain and loved it. NM toon
was named Phileo, yeah umm i deleted him. And now im known as hardcore spammer
on trade channel under the name Pooof.
Oh and i learned English from Simpsons and south park when i was a kid so my grammar might not be perfect. Peace! flower
LVL 32 HM ranger.

Aeria page.
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Remacan aka Nacamer aka Phileo aka pooof aka Ras
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