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 - Welcome, Read this before joining ;D -

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PostSubject: - Welcome, Read this before joining ;D -   Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:56 pm

Hi and welcome - This is a forum for the guild A E O N. We are playing a mmorpg called Shayia.

01.Guild Name : - A E O N -
02.Leader : Stewiie
- Etain : Alice.Cullen, LuKiE , [GS]Talulah , Apostasy, Queen_Mage - -Brutus-
04.Language : English
05.Current members : xx
06.Server : Etain
07.Side: Alliance of Light

01. Lvl : -DOES NOT- matter.
02. Mode : NM or higher
03. Be active. Will be kicked if you are offline in a longer time, About 2 weeks IF you didnt tell the leaders a reason why.
04. Age : well i think this is a important thing to write about, for me kids (like 10 years) can be annoying so if u are like 9-12 years DO not ask to much, things like : Give me money, Plvl me, etc. can be really annoying. Me and the others guildies WILL help you with quests and someother things IF you ask in a kind way.
05. Gender : Female / Male or dog or a cannibal etc. I dont mind all of you are welcome <3
06. Language : In-Game and in this forum i prefer that we speak english I dont mind if you are from Nigeria or Korea, im from Sweden myself so i will accept every race, country, cultur etc.
07. If you want to join, feel free
08. Timezone: very important to know if we makes guild parties or events etc. so we dont do anything that you can't join, because you are from a totaly different timezone than us, means the leader of the guild.

In-Game rankings : If you want to be a higher rank read this.
01. Help your guildies.
02. Be Social.
03. Join the forum
04. Be active
05. Help to make events Smile

In-Games guild rules : If you dont want to be kicked -READ THIS!-
01. Dont not call people names if they dont agree with it
02. Be active, the leaders -will- kick you if you are in-active under a longer time, if no special reason is told to the leaders.
04. Just have fun Smile ... What its a rule in my guild Twisted Evil

There will be events, Just create a topic in General discussion.
Hide and Seek : One person Hide and the others will seek for that person, There will be a prize for the first who find the Hidden one Very Happy
Parties : Mob-Killing, PVP-Killing, Boss Killing

Forum rules :
01. Only for members in the guild, i will create a guest forum
02. There will be no rankings in the forum, Only Rank 2 -InGame- will be Admins or Moderators. So dont ask for upgrade, i will give you warnings.



- [UM] Fighter [ 6 Str / 3 Dex ] = .Tetris.

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- Welcome, Read this before joining ;D -
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