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PostSubject: Build Help   Build Help EmptyThu Apr 30, 2009 4:21 pm

Hey guildies,

this is my first post so bear with my vast amount of typos O.o

i thought it would be cool to get everyones point of view on the builds for each class, then make a guide (for this guild only).

It would be mucho appreciated if u would contribute the fillowing...

1. stats per lvl (or total stats by end-game)
2. Lapis recomendations for the build
3. personal experiances with using the build
4. wether or not the build is a support build (works best in partys) or a solo build.
5. any ideas or thoughts of builds u havent tried yet. (ill most likely test the build till about lvl 20)
6. Skills and what tier to buy for the build.

Thnx for any contributions u make to the guide. naturaly ill mention everyones name who contributes in the closing credits. thnx again and see u in-game lol!
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Build Help
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